Minimize the appearance of cellulite and smooth over problem areas where excess fat makes you self-conscious. 

These treatments help minimizing the appearance of dimpled depressions by restoring the weak matrix of collagen surrounding the fat cells and by shrinking fat cells. Unlike many cellulite treatments, ours are fast and painless. 

Treatment Areas

  • Abdomen: Reduce dimpling caused by weight gain, genetics, or pregnancy
  • Legs/Buttocks: Treat the most common areas where cellulite tends to appear, especially with age
  • Arms: Remove unwanted dimpling on the backside of arms for a smoother and more toned appearance

What to Expect

Adding the power of vacuum therapy maximizes the penetration of energy in the treatment area. The treatments can increase blood flow, enhance lymphatic drainage, and assists in the shrinkage of fat cells volume.

Like our other treatments, full effects are best acheived with several treatments in succession of 1-2 weeks apart, depending on tolerability, to build and achieve results.

Since cellulite treatments target and "shrink" fat cells, it is also worth noting that weight gain can reverse the results you achieve through treatments by "expanding" those fat cells once again. 

Once the treatment is complete, maintenance treatment every 3-4 months is recommended to continue the collagen stimulation.

Female, 42 years old. Cellulite. Number of treaments: 4

Female. Local fat accumulation. Number of treatments: 8

Female, 38 years old. Cellulite grade 2. Number of treatments: 8

Female, 35 years old. Cellulite grade 2 and sagging skin. Number of treatments: 8

*Actual results may vary