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Age, gravity, stress and changes in your weight can take a toll on your precious body.

Our mission is to provide you with natural and safe solutions for addressing your body concerns, with the ultimate goal of you feeling radiant, confident + empowered in your own skin.

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Dr. Sooji Rugh

Dr. Sooji Rugh, Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine, has dedicated much of her life to treating illnesses associated with obesity, otherwise known as the "disease of excess fat". 

In the process of empowering her clients to lose the weight with huge success, "side effects" of weight loss were also noted. Clients felt great and could fit into smaller sizes, but found themselves self-conscious about their bodies because of loose skin (after losing a significant amount of fat, the skin does not always rebound so well. There are also less ideal effects of weight loss, including fat loss in the face - which makes for  a more sallow, tired appearance.

Dr. Rugh had been trained in aesthetic medicine before opening up her weight loss clinics, but found a renewed interest and purpose to serve her clients by providing natural ways for them to return to a more youthful state. With advancements and improvements in technology, Dr. Rugh began incorporating devices to tighten skin and improve the skin laxity. These procedures can also smooth the dimpling effects of cellulite and shrink the size of fat cells, producing a decrease in the circumference of the neck, arms, legs, or abdomen.

Her goal is to treat the entire person, improving your health and well-being by empowering you to regain control over your body and restore a sense of confidence. Bloom medicine, therefore, is the perfect complement to her weight loss practice in terms of her greater vision.