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  • Recapture your natural radiance

  • Feel blissfully at home in your body

  • Refresh, renew + rewind the clock

Step into a more youthful + vibrant you.

Tighten + Texture

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks, tighten sagging skin + restore a youthful glow.

Smooth + Shrink

Minimize cellulite + shrink areas of stubborn fat for a more contoured body.

Restore + Revive

Add volume and definition to the face reverse fine lines and wrinkles with natural and safe fillers. 

*Actual results may vary

"I highly recommend Dr. Rugh and her team. The procedures are fast and painless, and such a better option than something invasive. The results speak for themselves!"

Nancy, San Jose

"The doctor and nurse are great, they took their time to explain everything and I never felt pressured to purchase any services. My friends and I all got some services and we're so pleased with our results!"

Allison, San Jose

"This was the perfect end to my weight loss journey. The 'new' me getting just a little bit more fabulous. I feel comfortable in my own skin."

H.B., San Francisco